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Best Rakhi Gifts Idea in USA

Raksha Bandhan, more popularly famous as Rakhi festival is a special occasion that marks the love and responsibility a sister and a brother share with each other. While it is a worldwide phenomenon that brother and sister fight for silly things, yet show love, care and responsibility towards each other when required, the Indian festival Rakhi, just stands a symbolical proof for this.

Indians, especially Hindus, Jains and Sikhs celebrate this festival with great joy and happiness. Wherever the siblings are they meet each other and show their love and care on each other. 

Origin of the Rakhi Festival

While there are many legends as per Hinduism about how the festival Raksha Bandhan originated, here is one famous story that is surrounded with Goddess Lakshmi and king Bali. According to Vishnu Purana and Bhagavatha Purana, the king Bali defeats all gods and kings and occupies the three worlds. Then he asks Lord Vishnu to stay with him in his palace to which Lord Vishnu accepts. But, Goddess Lakshmi the wife of Lord Vishnu starts worrying about her husband and the welfare of the three worlds.

She then ties Rakhi to king Bali and respects him as her brother. King Bali becomes very happy and asks Goddess Lakshmi to seek any return gift for herself. She then requests him to free her husband and send him to back to Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. King Bali accepts this heartily and sends him along with her happily.

Rakhi Traditions

On the day of Rakhi, it is common that sisters and brothers meet definitely at either of their houses or at their mother's place. The sister places kumkum tilak on the forehead of her brother, shows him a diya as a symbol of divine protection and ties Rakhi to his right hand wrist. Then she makes him eat a sweet and seeks blessings in case she is younger to him; or she blesses him in case she is elder to him. As a symbol of care, the brother assures that he would protect his sister throughout her life and gives her a nice gift to cherish their bond.

Rakhi festival is also known for its special menu and recipes. People wear new clothes and get together for sumptuous meals with many Rakhi special recipes. The whole day will be very cheerful and jovial for the entire family. 

Besides with sister and brother, it is a common tradition in many cultures to tie Rakhi between cousins, in laws and other relatives too.

Rakhi Gifts to USA

Rakhi is a beautiful occasion to show love and respect to your sister and brother. You must be having a very good idea about what are the likes and dislikes of your brother or sister, as you have been sharing blood relation since childhood. So why wait? Choose a nice gift for your sibling and shower your love and blessings on this beautiful occasion.

You have many ideas to choose from if you are looking for sending Rakhi to USA online.

Rakhi Gifts to USA for Sister: Handmade Chocolates, Idols, Puja Items, Silver Items, Apparel, Cosmetic and Gift Hampers, Handbags, Dresses, Personalised gifts such as Pillows, Photo Frames, Coffee Mugs, Accessories and many more.

Rakhi Gifts to Brother: Watches, Wallets, Desk Organizers, Ties, Leather Belts, Dry Fruits, Chocolate Boxes, Sweet Boxes, Photo Frames, Coffee Mugs, Laptop Bags and Backpacks, Sun Glasses, etc.

So, why wait? Choose a Rakhi Gift that symbolizes your love and along with it choose an expert service provider proven to send Rakhi Gifts to USA online and making Rakhi delivery in USA.

Happy Rakhi to your brother-sister duo! Happy Gifting!

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