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How to Send Rakhi to USA with Free Shipping

Rakhi festival has immense prominence among Hindus, especially in India and all across the world too. Indians wherever they live in any country make it important to celebrate Rakhi festival without fail. Rakhi is a festival that is dedicated especially for celebrating the brother-sister bond. Every Indian brother and sister celebrates this festival with great pride, love and joy.

Origin of Rakhi Festival

Rakhi festival has its roots in the puranic age of India. According to the legends, Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas is a sister to Lord Sri Krishna who is the guide and mentor of Pandavas. It so happens that once upon a time Lord Srikrishna gets hurt in the little finger while the royal court is taking place. The finger starts bleeding and all the courtiers start looking for help to stop the bleeding. Then Draupadi tears her saree edge and ties a wrap around the Lord's finger. Then Lord SriKrishna blesses that every sister who cares in this way is always blessed and such brother who cares his sister will always be victorious.

Since then, it has been a tradition for sisters to tie Rakhi around their brother's right hand wrist as a symbol of love and affection towards their brothers. This festival happens on Vaishaka Pournami according to the Lunar calendar of the Hindus.

Sending Rakhis Online

Shopping for Rakhis is a great fun for sisters of all ages. For elder and adult brothers, sisters choose Rakhis from models such as Jardosi Rakhis, Stone Studded Rakhis, OM Rakhis, Ganesha Rakhis, Feather Rakhis, etc. For children, there are special types of Rakhis available to enhance the fun of this day. Doremon Rakhis, Tom and Jerry Rakhis, Bal Hanuman Rakhis, Mickey Mouse Rakhis, and many other fun Rakhis in various characters and shapes that kids love are available both online and offline.

On Rakhi Day, it is habitual that brothers visit sisters house and get Rakhis tied. Then the brother and sister exchange gifts, sweets and blessings and spend the day happily with their families sharing their memories and experiences.

In the view of changing lifestyle and people residing in foreign lands, people are conveniently sending Rakhis to their brothers and exchanging gifts and wishes just with the help of a click.

If you are looking for sending Rakhi to USA or wishing to send Rakhi for family in USA, you have plenty of such online services who are experts in online Rakhi delivery in USA with free shipping.

Do you know that it is customary to exchange Sweets and Gifts on this beautiful festival? Yes, it is. Here we have some gift ideas for brothers and sisters so that you need not get confused for choosing the gift for Rakhi festival.

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers

If you are a sister and wish to send a Rakhi Gift to your brother along with a beautiful Rakhi, here is a good list:

1. Limited edition Perfumes and Scents

2. Customized and printed gifts such as Coffee Mugs, Pillow Cushions, T-shirts, Keychains, Laptop covers, etc.

3. Ethnic wear such as Kurta and Pyjama

4. Idols of Lord Balaji or Lord Ganesha as a symbol of victory and success

5. Desk decoration items, Watches, Wallets, Shirts, etc.

6. Sweet Boxes, Assorted range of Dry Fruits and Fresh Fruits

Rakhi Gifts for Sister

If you are a brother and wish to send a Rakhi gift to your sister, here is a good list:

1. Silverware that can be used for Haldi, Kumkum or for Pooja 

2. Idols of Gods and Goddesses

3. Home appliances and Handy Tools for Kitchen

4. Assorted Handmade Chocolates

5. Sweet boxes and Cakes

Rakhi is a beautiful festival that celebrates the bond of brother-sister in a unique way. Wherever you reside in world, never miss celebrating this wonderful festival. Happy Rakhi to you and your brother!

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