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Is RakshaBandhan Celebration Only for Brother

Celebrate RakshaBandhan through our e-gift portal

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the unique loving relationship that exists between sisters and their brothers. People in India are looking forward to Raksha Bandhan and are looking forward to enjoying it with their family all under one roof. Its festivities, like any other joyful occasion, is brightened by gifts. On this occasion, brothers and sisters exchange Raksha Bandhan gifts. Online gifting is a more convenient option in today's environment for a variety of reasons. You have more time to make your decision and a wider selection of options to choose from. The most reassuring aspect of internet gifting is that you may order gifts for your loved ones with just a few mouse clicks.

What is the true significance of Rakhi

It is thought that when a woman ties a rakhi around a man's hand, he is obligated to fulfil his religious obligation and protect her. According to legend, rakhis are blessed with sacred lyrics and are engulfed by them. Rakhi are sometimes consecrated in rice and grass before being handed, and they are customarily tied by persons who are knowledgeable with the Vedas. Following these traditions, the rakhi is thought to eliminate sin from one hand while providing safety to the other. The protection provided by a rakhi is said to last a year.

Is Rakhi only for Brother

No, rakhis are not just linked to brothers or male cousins. Rakhis are now associated with persons one knows from the neighborhood, close family friends, and sisters-in-law. It is a technique of fostering affection between individuals and wishing them well. Every year, a lot of people tie rakhis to police officers, clergymen, army man and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People have gone to the extent of tying rakhi to soldiers based in Kargil or Siachen base camps. The practise of LumbaRakhi, which involves tying a rakhi on the wrist of one's sister-in-law, is prevalent primarily in Rajasthan. These rakhis are more feminine and match Rajasthani women's traditional Indian dress. This technique is also prevalent in areas of Gujarat. Sisters in homes with only daughters, on the other hand, frequently tie rakhis on each other's wrists as well. After all, who says that only brothers are required to defend you?

Send Rakhi and Gifts to Kids

Having a younger brother can be a nuisance at times, but you can't deny their cuteness! They are the finest thing that has ever happened to you, and you want to make your adorable brother the happiest kid on the earth on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi, right? We've got just the thing for you. Because our variety of Kid's Rakhi is extensive, this page is only dedicated to making your little brother the happiest soul on the globe. We have the greatest in-house Rakhi design for Kids that will wow you.

Get Online Delivery of Rakhi and Hampers

We've paired thrilling rakhis with one-of-a-kind items to create amazing Rakhi gift combos that will make Raksha Bandhan a lovely memory for you. Explore rakhi with sweets, rakhi with chocolates, rakhi with personalised mugs, rakhi with photo cushions, rakhi with live plants, rakhi with dry fruits, and so on, and place an order as soon as possible. If you want something traditional, get a puja thali decked with sacred maulirakhiand rolitilak n chawal. You may even send sweets along with your rakhi gifts online. If you want something modern and one-of-a-kind, Senda trendy smart watch or leather wallet along with designer rakhi. Order a rakhi and lucky bamboo plant to ensure your brother's life is filled with wealth of good luck and growth.

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